MAY 11, 2010 : Paris, Of Course - 45 Photos

Part one of a visit to France with a stop in one of the most known cities in the world - Paris, which clearly deserves its own post. So this post, is all Paris with views of and from sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Sacre Coeur, and a few other places in between.

MAY 10, 2010 : Atlantic Views - 7 Photos

Take any opportunity you have to take pictures from a airplane window. Took a handful of photos on the way to France over the US, Greenland, and Iceland.

APR 3, 2010 : Austin Night Lights - 1 Photo

Finally realized after living in Austin, Texas for 16 years that I had never taken any panoramic photos of downtown. Especially with recent construction of some high-rise apartments which changed the Austin skyline dramatically, this photo certainly shows how things have changed.

FEB 12, 2010 : New York City Winter - 29 Photos

What started out as a two day trip to New York City unexpectedly turned into 4 when a strong snow storm hit the town, grounding all the air traffic. This turned out well however, being given the opportunity to take some snow covered photos of Central Park. This post also contains photos of and from the Statue of Liberty, and from the famous 30 Rockefeller building known as 30 Rock.

JAN 18, 2010 : Twenty-Four Hours in Lake Isabella - 7 Photos

A quick 24-hour stop in Lake Isabella in California yielded some pretty sunrise photos of the lake, and well as a handful of in-flight photos where the moon paid a visit over the clouds near sunset.

NOV 28, 2009 : Playing With Clouds In Tacoma - 19 Photos

A week-long trip to Washington State in the Pacific Northwest had a few lucky days for photo-taking. One morning in particular, the fog rolled in to Commencement Bay rendering some amazing sights of the bay. In a special surprise, Mount Rainier became visible as the fog lifted. This post also includes some photos from other days that produced other surprises.

JUL 14, 2009 : Banyuls-sur-Mer (Guest Photographer) - 4 Photos

Had a special guest take the following photos of Banyuls-sur-Mer in the south of France - my father. He wanted to try taking panoramic photos.

JUL 12, 2009 : Random Photos - 4 Photos

While returning from a day in Kerrville, Texas, my friend and I ran into 3 hot air balloons. Among the darkness of night, it was quite a site to see them fire up and different intervals. Also decided to have some fun with his convertible and take photos of the road while he drove. The light effect is interesting and relates to the 60Hz electric grid.

MAY 3, 2009 : Welcome To The Oasis - 4 Photos

The Oasis restaurant in Austin, Texas is famous for its sunset views. Photographers will come from all over the country to take photos here, with the best ones hung inside the restaurant.

NOV 22, 2008 : Zoom Test - 1 Photo

It is not like me to walk away from a trip somewhere with only a single photo, but given the weather I experienced in Seattle this year, this photo from the air was the only one worth posting. And this mostly because it is a little fun.

SEP 15, 2008 : Maui All Over - 44 Photos

A week and a half in the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii with the full intention of taking tons of photos, especially panoramic photos. Having finally taken a big interest in panoramic photography, this trip was my experimental opportunity to take many different panoramic photos as possible. Obviously, still could not resist taking a small set of regular photos.

JUL 26, 2008 : Jupiter Rising - 1 Photo

Finally took the time to focus on one of longtime favorites - Jupiter! This is a stacked composition of the planet and you can even see the Great Red Spot and some excellent details in the bands.

FEB 13, 2006 : Two Month Astronomy - 7 Photos

This is a post of my playing with my new Planetary Imager that found its way until the Christmas tree. The Saturn photos are stacked compositions, and the moon photos are a stitching of a dozen images taken by scanning the moon.

JUL 8, 2005 : In Flight - 7 Photos

There is something fun about taking photos from a higher altitude. This post focuses on photos taking from an airplane during a trip to China. The majority are taken while leaving and returning to Hong Kong airport, and one special photo is of the point between day and night; known as the Terminator.

JUL 11, 2004 : Northwest France - 7 Photos

Trip to Paris and the west of France. This post features the famous Mont Saint-Michel, the D-day sites of Normandy, and Paris. The panoramic in the post is my first intentional panoramic and many photos taken with the mindset they could be artistic.

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