JUN 27, 2012 : Shanghai Clouds - 4 Photos

As part of the Shanghai Tower Series, some interesting photos of the construction, plus one special photo of a light-show which looks interestingly enough light a Batman signal.

JUN 10, 2012 : Weekend at Qiandao Lake - 28 Photos

About a five hours drive southwest of Shanghai will land in you at the Lake of a Thousand Islands. This artificial lake was created to supply electricity using a hydroelectric dam, and as a result, the peaks which used to top to mountains nearby have now become the thousand island located inside the lake area. These thousand island provide quite a scene from the shores.

MAY 12, 2012 : Shanghai Evenings and Mornings - 7 Photos

A collection of evening and morning shots of Shanghai. The Shanghai clouds and smog combination sometimes presents some very colorful sunsets of the downtown Pudong district. Then one morning, woke up very early for a summer - 5am - sunrise.

MAR 18, 2012 : Weekend Visit of YangCheng Lake - 20 Photos

Weekend trip to YangCheng Lake, famous for housing the Chinese delicacy called Hairy Crab, to visit the ChongYuan Temple located on the lake. The temple also contains a tall pagoda structure which houses a giant statue of Guanyin - the goddess of mercy.

FEB 20, 2012 : Shanghai Update - 5 Photos

While living in Shanghai, there are certainly mainly photo opportunities of the downtown areas, both from the outside and from within the city center itself. This post contains photos of downtown at various times of the day, some even taken during the Chinese New Year day and night. To contrast clear skies with the not-so-clear, there is also a photo of a not-so-clear day.

NOV 21, 2011 : Beijing In Two Days - 29 Photos

Although two days is hardly enough time to fully appreciate such a history-rich city as Beijing, this is all the time to be had this trip. This post does include photos from many cites such as the Great Wall at Mutianyu showing off some clear Autumn colors, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven.

NOV 19, 2011 : Pudong Skyline - 1 Photo

Finally took the time and made the effort to take a panoramic photo of the Lujiazui, Pudong financial district from the Puxi side. Until now, all the panoramic photos had been taken from the opposing side, but this one finally shows the Pu River which splits Shanghai in half.

OCT 6, 2011 : Beautiful South Korea - 43 Photos

Since much of China closes down or migrates to visit with family during the Chinese National Holiday, some people also take this time to travel. This gave way to a week long trip to South Korea and visit the Seoul in the Northwest for places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, but then also visit Sokcho for the Seoraksan National Park which houses many temples and Ulsanbawi Rock.

SEP 1, 2011 : Shanghai Sun - 6 Photos

The Shanghai Lujiazui financial district is very picturesque. With modern and tall buildings, some of which actively under construction and getting taller by the week, the sun - both setting and rising - also offers a lot of photo opportunities.

AUG 13, 2011 : Zhujiajiao, The Water Town - 11 Photos

Went to see a concert performed by students of the famous Chinese composer Tan Dun, in the water town of Zhujiajiao located on the outskirts of Shanghai. Beforehand, got to see some of the known sites as Fangsheng Bridge, the Kezhi Garden and see the Yuanjin Buddhist Temple.

AUG 2, 2011 : Shanghai Lighting - 5 Photos

City lights being reflected onto low clouds passing over or through tall buildings is bound for some interesting photography. This post give a first glimpse of what that would look like in Shanghai. In addition, this post includes of few sunset photos also showing some fun lighting.

JUL 10, 2011 : Start of a Series - 9 Photos

First post from Shanghai! This post contains the start of a few photo series which will grow over time. These include the Shanghai Tower Series which is a new building currently under construction to become Shanghai's new tallest build, and the Shanghai Weather Series that will be used to illustrate some of the different weather and _weather_ Shanghai has to offer.

MAY 8, 2011 : Suzhou Day Trip - 31 Photos

It should be difficult to visit a new city without doing a little sightseeing of the surrounding areas. In this case, Suzhou is a neighboring city of Shanghai with a rich history. This post includes some of those sights such as the Humble Administrator Garden, the Tiger Hill Pagoda and HanShan Temple.

OCT 1, 2010 : To The Nation's Capital - 18 Photos

A two day visit to the Nation's Capital with some beautiful weather. This post contains some common sights of a handful of Washington DC monuments, including Capitol Hill, the Washington and Lincoln Monuments, and also the Vietnam Memorial. To me, the Vietnam Memorial is one of the most moving places in Washington DC. This post also contains a panoramic from Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity.

MAY 15, 2010 : Versailles And Grenoble - 28 Photos

Part two of a visit to France with visits to the famous Palace of Versailles, home to Louis XIV with its equally famous Hall of Mirrors, and then down to the East of France towards the mountains near Grenoble for a trip on the Chemin de fer de la Mure.

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